February 12, 2008

US Politics, Japan Style

Check out this cute local interest story about how the town of Obama, Japan is pulling for Barack Obama. Random! (Don't worry, we get CNN over here, so we're keeping up on things!)

In more local news, Ilena got to play her flute today with Hana (the mom of Jacob's friend Jae Won). Hana is a terrific piano player, and has a piano in her nearby apartment. Ilena and Hana are planning on playing a series of duets for Jacob's class at school some time. (They are taking requests from all blog readers...)

Jacob almost had his first real sleep-over at Jae Won's house today, but he decided he missed us, so we picked him (and his sleeping bag, and scooter, and back-pack) up and took him home.

Both Lauren and Jacob have been coloring up a storm, and our apartment walls are covered with their colorings!

Here are some left-over pictures from the past weekends to spice up this otherwise mundane post!

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jmgesq said...

Elections have been decided by crazier things than that! More random thoughts and questions:
Lauren almost always wears pink.
Are motorbikes popular in Japan?
What time was it that Jacob came home from the sleepover? I once left a home where I had a sleepover at 6 a.m. before anyone in the household knew I was gone. When they got up they had no idea where I had gone to! I'm not sure I left a note. What were my parents thinking???