September 15, 2008

Rokko San Pioneering Climbing Course

On Sunday we went for a "local" adventure up in Mount Rokko (Rokko-san). There are lots of neat things to do up in Mount Rokko, including botanical gardens, an animal pasture, a mountain-top golf course, as well as lots of hiking. It is nice and cool up there in the woods, and there are great views of Rokko Island, Port Island, and Kobe.

Access is pretty interesting too, as their are several ropeway cable cars and a true "cable car" (i.e, a funicular) that go up to various different points on Mount Rokko and its next-door neighbor Mount Maya. Since we are car-less, it did take us 3 buses and a cable-car to get to where we were headed, but it was pretty easy and the ride was pretty fun.
Today our destination was Mount Rokko Field and Athletics, which took us back to the days of "pioneering" at sleep-away camp when we were kids. It is an area on the side of a mountain, in the woods, that has a set of forty climbing obstacles made of wood, ropes, and netting. We went with another family, and we all had an awesome time climbing the course.

Jacob raced ahead with his friends; we caught up with him only at the end. Lauren was determined and agile; she did an awesome job too! As you can probably tell, it was fun (and quite the work-out) for the whole family.


Alexis Jacobs said...

Looks like a fun day! Great place for the family.

jmgesq said...

You'd probably find me upside down in some of the ropes like some kind of bear trap! I admire your perserverence and agility! Kudo's to all. And you all do look like you're enjoying.