March 2, 2009

Celebrating Ilena's Birthday

On Saturday night we celebrated Ilena's 21st birthday! Happy Birthday Ilena!! Ilena was ready to party; She even wore the birthday girl tiara.

OK, fine. Maybe it wasn't her 21st. But we can still hit the town and party like rock stars. (Oh yes indeed. There was karoake. With props.)

Let's just say that Sunday was a very mellow day.


Matthew J said...

I think someone looks like they have had a few the sunglasses!

jmgesq said...

A few blond streaks and a little more glitz - you should have left the tiara on! - and you're ready for the international circuit!

Sorry we didn't get to talk that day. Hope you enjoyed our serenade.

Lots of love from Jack and m.

Lisa said...

I loved this post!! It looked great!