May 26, 2009

Tigers Update

Difficult to explain this season so far for the Hanshin Tigers.

Last year, the Tigers came out on fire and ran away and hid from the rest of the division. It seemed they had built an insurmountable lead by early in the season. Then, the Olympics. The Arai back injury. The losing streak. And somehow (sadly) it all fell apart down the stretch. They lost the division race (after which they had led by 13 games) on the last day of the season, and then were ousted in the playoffs.

Ashamed, the their skipper, Okada resigned, and a new manager, Mayumi, was hired. Other than the coaching staff, not much has changed between last season and this one. Yet, currently the Tigers are languishing in 5th Place. Hopefully, they can turn things around . . .

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