March 8, 2010

The Solo Daddying Bloglet

As adapted from Mike's rambling Facebook postings over a five day Ilena-less period, where she went on a girl's weekend to Florida that ran from a Wednesday morning to a Monday night. Quite the weekend, eh?

  • Day One of solo daddying (with help from Aunt Heather and Uncle Dave). Kids down. Check. Lunches made. Check.

  • Day Two of solo daddying (with help from after school playdate friends). Dressed in themed school shirt. Remembered lunches. (With icepacks). Kids to school. Me to work.

  • Day three of solo daddying...feeling pretty outnumbered by all the moms at drop-off and around town...

Comment 1: Are they flirting with you? LOL

MK Response: For goodness sake, are you trying to get in trouble? I am just trying to get through this so I can safely bank my "boys weekend getaway" to Vegas...Let's all keep that in mind, alrightee? :)

Comment 2: Just wear a pair of Uggs with your jeans/sweats/pants tucked in and you'll fit right in. Don't worry.

MK Response: Thanks for the tip. Do I need special "Lucky" brand jeans or can I just wear my Levis? (This is kind of fun. If I had more than five days of solo daddying, I might bring back the KasdanFamily Blog to chronicle it all...)

Comment 2 Response: Sorry. Levis won't work. You have to try to look like you're 18.

MK Response: I don't know what to do. I totally missed the boat on Ed Hardy fashion, can't find a pair of jeans that *really* fit me, and I have no Uggs. Guess I'll be going back for pickup in the same ratty Penn sweatshirt that I wore for drop-off. I'm so ashamed.

Comment 2 Response: Hang your head in shame. There is hope. Short Hills Mall shopping spree followed buy Iced Quad Venti with Whip Skinny Caramel Macchiato @ Starbucks, a chit chat and mani & pedi.
  • Day four of solo to the Statue of Liberty this morning (I've never been and the kids are so excited!)...See - I am perfectly capable of having good, fun ideas. Sometimes.

  • And on the fifth day of solo daddying the Lord said "Thy shalt send thy children to Hebrew school between the hours of 9:15 and 11:45 and thy shalt rest." And I did. And it was good. (Shopped, Cleaned, Laundried, read the paper, and welcomed the spring-time weather by going on the first bike ride of the season in the Reservation.) And from what I understand, Ilena is still sleeping :) Later, turned out to be my proudest sports related day as a daddy; Jacob raked at little league try-outs trying to play-up into the 9 year old league, and then at his basketball game played his best game yet - 5 buckets, hustle, defense, rebounding, and being a great team-mate. (Beaming!)

On on the sixth day, Ilena returned. And on the seventh, rest?


Anonymous said...

It's great!!.............................................

Dwayne Stover said...

way to represent our kind!!!

SWMBO said...

Ok, so you've now official seen more New York tourist sites than I have! Yeah, yeah...I know...the Statue of Liberty is in NJ but that really doesn't have any cache. BTW did you get there from the NY side or the NJ side?