April 24, 2010

Disney - Epcot

We began our second morning in a more leisurely fashion - no 6 AM wake-up call this time. We stayed at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, and began the day by taking a walk around to check out the 101 Dalmations, Toy Story, Fantasia, and Herbie the Love Bug decor.

We then headed over to Epcot Center. Epcot was having some sort of garden-topiary type exhibit, with bush versions of many disney characters. Pretty amazing stuff:

Disney Parks all now employ a system called Fast Pass for the most popular attractions, which completely changes the way you see an amusement park. At Epcot, we headed straight for The Land and got Fast Pass tickets for Soarin'. This was easily one of the best rides in Disney; a very realistic feeling hang-gilder simulation over California. They even pipe in local smells, like pine and citrus as you fly over forests and groves. Big wow factor.

We also checked out the nearby Nemo Ride and Aquarium, as well as an excellent Lion King movie with a strong environmental message. Very well done.

Before heading to the World Showcase, we hit Mike's longtime favorite Imagination ride, with Figment! Among the countries, we hit took a boat ride in Mexico, tried on Viking-wear in Norway, lunched at and took in the great 360 degree movie in China, before boating it over to Japan and then heading to Morocco for dinner and music. (Lauren also tried on some stuff at the bazaar!)

After walking back through France, the UK, and Canada, we headed over to Test Track, another of the highlight attractions. Jacob had a fear melt-down in line, but after doing it, he was dying to do it again!

Some observations from our day at Epcot:
  • There are no bathrooms in Mexico. You have to go to Norway. Really.
  • Why is there no Spain, but a Morocco. If I were Spanish, I'd be pissed.
  • Little girls that walk around all day after getting made up and dressed up like Disney Princesses. Well, it looks kind of ridiculous
  • We love our fully loaded Ford Flex rental car. Mike and Ilena went out afterwards (to a GREAT Irish Pub on Pleasure Island), and on the way - for the first time in our life - someone pulled up next to us and said "Hey - what kind of car is that."

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