December 30, 2012

Eddie's Place

A lot of times, I find myself writing about ideas, or places.  People seem to get short shrift.  

But more so than where you are and what you are thinking, it is the people you know and meet and interact with that drive what your life is and becomes. 

We spent our holiday vacation in Mexico, and we met someone that I was inspired to write about.

First name, Eddie.  

Last name, unknown (doesn't matter).  

Eddie is of Lebanese descent, but lives and works in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, where he owns two restaurants.

He is a more-than-middle-aged man.  His physique is a bit like The Penguin of the Batman movies, with a substantive hooked nose and a bit of a rotund - though not imposing - figure.  A bottomless glass of wine is perched, permanently, in his right hand.  His oft-flushed cheeks and slight paunch in the middle are a visible proxy for a life well enjoyed.  He is a bundle of warmth and charisma.  
The restaurants, Eddie's Place and Por Que No?!, are both casual and delicious.  They are about 250 feet apart from each other, both with views of the Marina.  Eddie uses a red golf cart to move between them, taking turns sitting and chatting easily at the tables of his guests.  He loves what he has built.  He loves what he does.  He loves the people.  It comes through in the manner of speaking, the glint of his eye, and the irrepressable smile.
He is connected to his community.  The night we ate at Por Que No!?Eddie had a group of kids from the local community center, kids from broken homes, singing at his restaurant.  He was helping them out, so they could raise a bit of money for the center.  They sang sweetly.  He introduced them.  He sat back and watched them and smiled.  And it was good.

Eddie is important.  His is not a world of complex ideas.  He is not "famous."  Except in his small circle.  But all those who know him - quite clearly - are enriched.  And that is a wonderful and too rare quality.

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