November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2014


Any number of ways to go here.
  • Poke fun at ourselves for our gluttony and the watching of football.
  •  Mock dysfunctional - except of course for mine - family dynamics.
  •  Historical criticism of celebrating for the extermination of our neighbors (rather than being exterminated by them).
  •  Rail against the commercial aspects of our holiday - the brutal consumer-on-consumer violence of the now-creeping-to-Thursday Black Friday.
  •  Revel in homey warming foods and the smells of our kitchens.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 

No matter the flawed historical roots and the commercialized holiday creepiness, its a feel good pause. The season, leafy colorful autumn. The smells from the kitchen. Surrounded by family. Going to the Parade with my son, warm cider thermoses in hand. Frying a Turkey with my brother. A buzzy noisy crowd around the table. Throwing a football around. Lounging.

And we are all sharing some variant of this together with our friends and families. 

So to all my friends, wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.

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