December 14, 2013

Games People Play - The Team Selfie Photo Scavenger Hunt - A New Game, I Think

This is a competitive team-selfie-photo- scavenger hunt. 

·        There is no need to leave the house.  So don’t.  Unless you want to freeze.

·        There is no prize.  Only glory.  And the winning team gets to post its pictures on Instagram and tag it as #winning #instacool #instascavengerhunt. 

·        Maybe we’ll give you some M&Ms.  But probably not. 

·        Hopefully, its fun.  That’s kind of the point.  #duh

The Five Rules

1.     The idea is that each team will use one camera or smartphone to take pictures of the following things within the amount of time we give you. 

2.     Every member of your team MUST be in every picture.

3.     Ties will broken depending on the goofiness and fun level of your pictures, as decided solely by me.  You want your pictures to ROCK.

4.     No cheating by listening in or following other teams around.

5.     No complaining about other teams cheating or pretty much anything.  We don’t want to hear it.

You Are Searching For The Following: 
1. A baby picture.
2. A piece of Impressionist art.
3. Something that comes from Japan.
4. Some piece of soccer gear.
5. A spicy food or sauce.
6. A dessert (not snacks like chocolate or chips)
7. Something that reminds you of or is about SCIENCE
8. A wonderful children’s storybook.
9. Exercise equipment or gear.
10. A stuffed animal, but not a bear or dog.
11. A real animal.
12. A musical instrument
13. The most terrifying thing you can find.

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