October 24, 2014

Lauren's Writing Prompt Story #1: An engineer … who has ... a super power … and a universal language

Lauren shared this awesome writing prompt generator that she uses for creative writing at school. The next evening, she sat on the couch at the computer and pounded this story out.
As I told her after I read it, there is no way I could put together a funny well-told story like this on the spot!
She beamed when I told her she was a far better writer than I, and then asked, as I was leaving:
"Daddy, is there an age you have to be in order to be a writer for The Good Men Project?"
No. No there is not.
* * *
The Story
[Prompt: An engineer … who has ... a super power … and a universal language]
Hi! I'm Ted, and I'm an engineer. Funny story: Um, when I first got the job I had to take a test to show that I knew how to fix things.
The first time I took the test, I got an "F" which means fail. But, at the time I thought it meant fantastic. So, the next day I went in and said, "Hi! I'm Ted the engineer!" They thought I got the job. So, I went along with it and well, look at me now. Now, I know that "F" means fail not fantastic but I have the job.
I know what you're thinking. What did the man who gave me the grade do when he found out I was working. After I "got the job" I went and had a talk with him. Turns out he was the manager. He asked me, "Why should I hire you to work for me." I said," Well, I have a secret that I haven't told anyone. I have a superpower. I can glow and make things glow. To be honest I don't know how to be an engineer, but you can teach me. If you don't, then I won't show you my superpower."
"All righty! I guess I can trust you," he replied.
Over the next years I learned a lot, showed the manager my power (he spread the news so I had to show everyone on the job), and eventually retired. I had fun on the job, but I started it at the age 39 and retired at the age 51. It was hard to leave all my friends from engineering, especially the manager because I had created a good bond with him.
Then, I went home and went to bed.
When I woke up I had a crazy idea. I would make up my own company.
What will my company be?
I will create new languages.
My business has been very successful. Here are some of my words from my newest created language called Aglefloosh - Oxeless, Dertre, and Wuelt, which means: I have to go to the bathroom so bye!

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