December 14, 2008

Chanukah Comes Early In Japan

We continued our tradition of celebrating the Jewish holidays with our friends, the Guttells. This time, we gathered for an early Chanukah brunch.

There were latkes. And there was serious dreidel-playing. It was a great time!

There was even chocolate Chanukah gelt, with chocolate Yen! (Of course.)

And there was of course, that age-old Chanukah tradition of playing baseball, soccer, and football before the aforementioned celebration. OK, its not an age-old tradition at all. But that's what we did. And it was fun.


jackaw said...

I am sore pressed to see anything negative about anything you say about ANYTHING! Everything is perfect -- barring the absence of one or two near and dear! --jack

Lisa said...

Looked like a ton of fun!

Mike said...

After New Year's, we will do an All Negative Blog, just to restore your sense of balance!