December 2, 2008

Lauren - Field Trip Making Mochi

Today, Lauren's class went of a field trip to visit a local Japanese kindergarten. While there, they learned how to make mochi. She even brought some home. (Mike is the only one who likes mochi.) We don't recall any mochi-making field trips from our youth; we are thrilled at all the neat experiences that our kids are having.

In other news, Jacob's class is having a "Cultural Celebration" this week. Since its December and we are among the only Jews around, Ilena signed up to do a snack/game/learning booth about Chanukah. Its perfect - potato pancakes and spinning the dreidl! Apparently, however, we are the only people that classify our religion as part of cultural celebration week. Here is the full list from Jacob's class:

USA, Canada, Judaism, UK, Japan, Korea, Philippines, India, and Singapore.

Which one of these things is not like the other?


jmgesq said...

Well, we're also Ashkenazic Jews that is from Eastern Europe so that's more of a national/geographic classification. But Jews never know any boundaries...right? ;-)

Fuji said...

I LOVE mochi making! How fun that they were able to experience that!