December 4, 2008

What's For Dinner? Nabe!!

Ever since the weather started to turn a bit colder and we saw our Villa-mates on Shiraishi Island huddled out on the deck, enjoying a slow warm meal of meat, noodles, and vegetables around a steaming hot-pot, we have been craving nabe.

The other day, Ilena picked up a gas-powered table-top stove and pot, a whole bunch of veggies, some think-sliced shabu meat, tofu, konnyaku, and some dipping sauces.

Total success! The kids loved it too; although, the combination of children, chopsticks, and the dropping of things from various heights into a pot of boiling water was at times dangerous. (I almost said - "Don't Try This At Home." But trying at home was kind of the point.)

Nabe is a leisurely (again, a relative concept anytime Jacob is involved), relatively healthy, and warming way to eat. We will surely be experimenting further with nabes as the winter kicks in.


jmgesq said...

YUM! Looks good. I'll be right over!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love nabe season! Such wonderful, healthy winter food!

Lisa said...

That is so cool...glad you tried it at home!!

jackaw said...

Although the trip is verrrrrrrrrrrrrry long for these old bones, the meals alone -- both at home and out -- are enough to tempt one! Geez, they look good!

Mike said...

We try! :)