January 28, 2014

On Male Friendships - Hollywood's Best Sidekicks and Wingmen

From Wayne’s World to The Big Lebowski to Tombstone to Swingers, Michael Kasdan goes to the movies to explore male friendships
Knowing what we need from our male friendships. . . . It’s hard.  That’s what she said!

We’re talking about male friendship: What does it look like, and what should it look like? What makes it unique from male-female or female friendships, if it is so unique?

Today, we’re exploring this topic through the lens of the most well known, endearing, and hilarious wingmen, sidekicks and partners in crime ever to grace the silver screen and television, drawing from classics like Wayne’s World, The Office, The Big Lebowski, Swingers, Top Gun, and more.

Check out the whole article, complete with some of my favorite video clips here at The Good Men Project. I'm calling it required reading and viewing for all friends, sidekicks, wingmen, and those in budding bromances. 

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