January 9, 2008

Checking Out Rokko Island

After Mike spent the morning at work and Ilena and the kids spent the morning taking a boat tour of Osaka, we all met at noon with a Matsushita representative who escorted us by train out to Kobe (where we had to fill out the alien registration paperwork) and then on to Rokko Island to take a look at the apartment.

Rokko Island looks like it will be a terrific place to live. There are raised walkways, fountains, playgrounds, and people on bikes everywhere. It has a real open and suburban feel to it, which is rare in Japan. There are tons of shops, restaurants, as well as the renowned Kobe Fashion Museum. The apartment is small, but perfect and has a lovely tatami room that is open for visitors (hint hint).

We had our interviews at the Canadian Academy in the afternoon and were pleased to find out that the school is a super-short walk or bike ride from the apartment. Its literally down the block. The school just opened a brand spanking new and stunningly gorgeous elementary wing, with beautiful classrooms, a black box theater, a music recording studio, a playground, and a gym floor so clean you could eat off of it. We got a great feel for the teachers and administrators there. And, it seems they may be looking for some school nursing assistance!! Despite Jacob continually sliding down the shiny slick new hallways, the kids were both accepted and will start on January 28th. We celebrated at the playground down the block; it was nice to just let the kids run around.

Lauren, napless and zonked, fell fast asleep on the train back to Osaka. Jacob went into his doting lovey evening phase and declared Lauren to be "the sweetest best girl on the whole train." No arguments there. All in all, it was a great day, and we are very excited about our new home.


Brian said...

So, do they start school at 2 am for your early risers?

I'm glad to read that all of the kasdans are having a good time. I expect nothing less!


jackaw said...

It has not yet sunken in: they're in Japan! Expect a slowing down of mail as we get used to the concept!

Joyce is investigating getting a platinum AmEx card that allows two to fly anywhere for the cost of one. After you get over the cost of the card -- about $500 -- that sounds like a good deal. Now if we can borrow (at good rates, over time) the cash from someone in the family, we may consider this safari.

The news, pictures and feelings from your new home all sound wonderful. If only you could have taken me as your nanny for the kids. Neither they nor I would ever have been the same again.

jackaw said...

The first date-line problem occurred in association with the circumnavigation of the globe by Magellan's expedition (1519–1522). The surviving crew returned to a Spanish stopover sure of the day of the week, as attested by various carefully maintained sailing logs. Nevertheless, those on land insisted the day was different. Although now readily understandable, this phenomenon caused great excitement at the time, to the extent that a special delegation was sent to the pope to explain this temporal oddity to him.

The last sentence is applicable to me. Consider me the pope and send your delegation!

Lisa said...

So happy to hear about all of the adventures thus far. Miss you guys oodles and i'm loving the daily pictures that go along with the blog. BE SEE AND DO!

Josiah said...

Hey guys!

Good luck on the other hemisphere.

Come back soon.

Erin said...

Thanks for the updates. Looks like a great time. We love the pictures!