January 8, 2008

Sleep Deprived In Osaka

Things here certainly are different. The trains and city, despite the throngs of people, are immaculate. Today (despite the kids rising at 1 AM!!) Ilena braved the subways to head to the Osaka Aquarium with the kids. While they were at it, they also took a ride on the "largest Ferris Wheel in the World." Mike journeyed to Panasonic Headquarters where he was given a number of employee handbooks written completely in Japanese.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Rokko Island to visit the Canadian Academy school (which Jacob and Lauren will be attending pending our interview) and to obtain our "Alien Registration Cards." Funny that we have to register as aliens; as if its not obvious enough! We stick out like sore thumbs. This morning at work, a co-worker asked Mike if he had a boy and a girl, and when Mike showed her a picture, she said - oh I saw them walking outside on my way to work.

People here love Lauren. Total strangers walk up to her just to touch her. This morning, after Jacob accidentally broke a glass of milk at Mister Donut (yes, we had donuts for breakfast), the cashier rushed to clean it up, and Lauren quietly told him "Arigato" (thank you). It wasn't really Jacob's fault that he broke the glass. He got upset and ornery. See, after ordering two milks for the kids, Mike ordered a hotto kohi (hot coffee) and somehow miscommunicated that we wanted hot milk too. Turns out the kids wanted cold milk.


SWMBO said...

Yes, you are part of my daily experience...well 2 days worth at least. I'm impressed with how organized you are getting out and doing things each day (so far) with the kids. I know it will be easier once they are in school. But what I really want to know is WHAT are they doing between 1 a.m. and when it's the real time to get up in the a.m.?? And when are you going to feed them some melatonin to keep them in bed?!

Love you guys lots.

Heather said...

Dave is the same way when he doesn't get the right temperature milk. Must run in the family...