January 8, 2008

Jet lag, jet lag, jet lag...

Well, we have arrived in Japan. All things considered, the flights were fantastic and the kids were amazing. Couple winks of shut-eye on the plane, but not much.

We arrived in Osaka and were taken to our hotel, where we'll spend the next week. Four of us in one room - always lots of laughs. Especially at 1:00 AM when the kids have decided they're up for the day.

After arriving on Sunday night and getting a couple hours of sleep, Mike went to Panasonic for his first day of work. It was up to Ilena to figure out what to do with the kids to keep them up for the day (not an easy task). So we decided to take an adventure walk, and we went to the Osaka Castle, a historic landmark built in 1583. The castle was built atop a high stone wall foundation and surrounded by moats to ward off sword-bearing enemies back in the day. The castle, now museum, proved very interesting for the kids.

Lauren even professed, "I'm going to live in the Osaka Castle when I grow up and turn into a princess". While Jacob said the ice cream snack was more interesting than the castle, he seemed to enjoy himself too.

Mike had a great first day at work - overloaded with lots of new information, but very interesting and sure to be a rewarding experience.


SWMBO said...

Wow! That's beauteous. How did you get there - subway-type conveyance?? What was that like? What's it like moving around in a city where you can't read the signs? (I don't believe you read Japanese YET!)

Miss you guys lots. Hugs and kisses.

jackkaw said...

Will someone please help the aged one comprehend this "+14" hour differential? Here I am at 10:00PM, in Brooklyn, NY. on Monday, January 7. Is it noon on Tuesday, January 8 in Tokyo? (That's what Joyce says.) If so, why?

I mean I call CA and it's three hours earlier there. Now I travel in the same direction and it's later???

If you mention international date lines, explain. Otherwise send ticket so I can experience what this is all about....

Erin said...

Hi Ilena and family,
Thanks for the great update! We are so glad that you made it to Japan safely and are on your way sightseeing. That castle looks beautiful! Erin and Lee