January 11, 2008

Heading into the weekend

Well, to continue in our usual style, Mike went to work today. It was his first true full day in the office without running around to hospitals, headquarters, or HR meetings. Ilena took the kids to the Osaka Kids Plaza which was just a quick subway ride from the hotel. This indoor playspace (a larger version of Imagine That) was a perfect way to spend a somewhat rainy and overcast afternoon. The place was mobbed with preschool/young children, and again, Jacob and Lauren stuck out like sore thumbs. This didn't stop them from jumping right in and having a blast.

After a little nap, we all went to dinner with Katsura-San (we call him Hitoshi), a coworker of Mike's who spent the last two years working at Mike's firm in NYC. We know him well, and really enjoyed having dinner together. We got to ask some of the questions that we've been pondering about Japanese language and customs and got the enjoy the view 38 floors above Osaka atop one of the Panasonic buildings.

This ends Mike's first week of work. We're looking forward to the weekend. Monday is a national holiday in Japan called "Coming of Age Day." But we'll be busy moving into our new apartment out in Rokko Island, Kobe.

A few bonus pictures from today:


kkids said...

Hi Jacob. We miss you & so does Brownie. We like your photos. Love, Ms C & the K Kids

Lisa said...

Is that not the cutest picture of Lauren and Jacob?!?!? xoxoxo

jackaw said...

Joyce is fooling around with platinum AmEx cards and such and it wouldn't surprise me to hear one morning her say that we can get to Japan for a measly $7000 for the two of us. Naturally that would conclude the discussion part of that topic and it would only be necessary to select a date. We'll see. The blog is wonderful and watching you wend your way around is exciting. Loads a' luv to all from SWMBO and me!

Matthew J said...

I went through the week's blog today and now feel caught up with your adventures. Keep it up! The pictures are great too. As you all adjust, I look forward to hearing your perspectives on the cultural differences. Clearly the stereotypes about Japan (in my mind) are wrong because I haven't heard anything about sushi yet!

Miss you guys!