April 12, 2008

International Food & Fun Fair

After the past few weeks, we are excited to have a relaxing non-traveling weekend. Staying local, playing soccer, throwing the baseball around, and having some family game and movie time was nice.

In addition, today was the International Food & Fun Fair at Canadian Academy (the kids school).

What an event! Attendees were supposed to wear traditional garb from your home country. Our "traditional garb" was jeans, Yankee shirts, and homemade American flags. There were beautiful kimonos, saris, and Hanbok.

More importantly, there was an unreal assortment of food at the various booths, which included Belgium (waffles and crepes), Austria (Viennese table), Korea (yakiniku, kimchi), Thailand (spring rolls, soups, noodles), Taiwan, China, Japan, Philippines, Switzerland (Swiss Cheese fondue), India (Naan, curries, samosas), and the good old US of A (including hotdogs, hamburgers, Costco apple pie, cheesecake, and "imported sodas," aka Mountain Dew, Coke, and Dad's Root Beer). Ilena worked that booth for an hour. The kids had hot dogs, lemonade, and apple pie for dessert. We had Korean, as well as some Chinese and Thai. And we took home two mega-slices of Costco Apple Pie.

It was basically the Epcot World Showcase fit inside the atrium and gymnasium of the school. There was also a parade of nations, musical entertainment (including baton twirlers, bands, and taiko drumming), and games for the kids. As an added bonus, Ilena got to play her flute with the middle school Band, and Mike got to play basketball on the school courts afterward. (So we both played with a bunch of Seventh Graders...but it was fun!)

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The Ricketts Family said...

That festival looks like a lot of fun!! :)