April 13, 2008

New York Deli (Settsu Motoyama Branch!)

Today, we took the recommendation of some friends of ours and headed to a restaurant just one stop away from us on the JR Line at Settsu-Motoyama. Our destination was the New York Deli. They have Corned Beef, Pastrami, Reubens, and Cheesesteaks. We had to check it out.

Outside the front door, was this sign. First time we'd seen that since being in Japan!

We were not disappointed. It was appointed with kitschy New York stuff, and the 80's TV Tunes soundtrack (you know, the one featuring the A Team and Miami Vice Theme Songs?) was playing in the background. They had English books that we could read to the kids, and Magazines we could browse through. The sole proprietor who made our sandwiches was super-friendly. And the food - including a Reuben, a Cuban sandwich, and a turkey melt, all washed down with A&W Cream Sodas - was a hit!

Afterwards, we walked around the nearby Okamoto area, a set of alley streets nestled near the mountains. It is a neat area, and we discovered some nice little bakeries and restaurants.

We capped off our Sunday, by relaxing on Rokko Island (the fountains are in full effect), checking out the Sunday flea market, and doing the family swim at our gym.


jmgesq said...

I've been meaning to ask...how do the kids feel about apartment living? Do they every wonder about backyards, their cars, traveling on trains instead and the like?

I'm relieved to see that they had pics of the food in the NY Deli to help the Japanese clientele choose! Any rye bread?

Any good finds at the flea market?

Mike said...

The kids love apartment living. No complaints, anyway. There are plenty of playgrounds and outdoors spaces very close by, so its no big deal. And they much prefer train travel to car travel (unless there is no seat and they have to stand up, in which case they are complete nightmares).