April 28, 2008

Miyajima - Mount Misen

Our morning in Miyajima kicked off with a quick playground/deer petting walk outside with the kids, followed by a nice Western breakfast at our Ryokan. Jacob decided that he wanted a deer as a pet. (We may have to consider it, but only if once he is old enough to walk him!)

Our activity of the day was taking the scenic Ropeway Cable Car up Mount Misen where we could watch the native monkeys, check out the views of the surrounding islands in the Seto Island Sea, and hike in the surrounding park.

It is a great view from the top, and although a bit overcast, we could still see all the way across to Shikoku Island.

As for the monkeys, we were warned to put our bags in lockers at the ropeway station; or else "the monkeys will take it." We did. But they seemed pretty cute to us.

Although we weren't quite up to a hike all the way up to the top of Mt. Misen with the kids, we did a nice little family hike and then passed the time watching an entire school (maybe 150) of Japanese high school girls in matching green outfits hike on past us up to the peak. These kids had not taken the cable car; rather they were hiking all the way from Momijidani Park at the base of the mountain all the way to the peak (quite a good hike). Our kids greeted each passing wave of the "green team" with a hearty konichi wa, which was enthusiastically returned with shrieks of kawaii. The whole scene was quite humorous.

After a nice day up on Mount Misen, we took the Ropeway back down, had some lunch, and grabbed our last couple of fried momiji manjus, before taking the ferry back to the mainland.

We were back home on Rokko Island by 5 PM. We grabbed some Subway sandwitches and some supermarket sushi rolls, and spent the rest of the day playing out near the fountains.


Penny said...
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Penny said...

Hi guys...Your Golden Week travels sound great. I happen to subscribe to National Geographic Traveler magazine and there was a short piece on the Sagano Bamboo Grove in Saga-Arashiyama on the outskirts of Kyoto. Have you been there? Heard of it? It looks rather amazing. Well, back to work for me...but look forward with much anticipation to my continued vicarious life in Japan!!

Mike said...

Haven't been there yet, but thanks for the tip. I'm not sure our kids are "zen" enough yet, but they have surprised us at other quiet peaceful places in Kyoto...

Lisa said...

a comment was deleted??? ooooooooooooooh

Gabriel said...

Hi guys,

I finally caught up (enjoying myself immensely all the while) on your blog.

So I know this is from awhile back (sorry :) but i gotta know---are the train rides during rush hour as bad as that video?? (am referring to video of people being packed into train in much the same way I cram way too many clothes into a suitcase) That was hilarious and scary at the same time.

Your Golden Week trip sounds incredible. I was tearing up reading about your visit to Hiroshima (and reading the links you supplied) and seeing the pics. It was fascinating and heartening to read of how the city has evolved into a symbol of hope and peace. That must have been a very emotional visit.

If you bring a 'pet' deer home from beautiful sounding Miyajima-- as per Jacob's request-- we will help you walk it! (um, do they need to be walked?)

Michelle (and family)