April 14, 2008

Those Cell Phone/Backpack Do-Dads

One thing we have noted about Japan is that EVERYONE has these little jangles hanging from their cell phone and/or backpacks. We see all sorts of these everyday. Some are completely ridiculous in that they are so big and bulky that they convert what would otherwise be super-sleek cell phones into items that no longer fit in a pocket.

There are also a dazzling array of these do-hickies available. All sorts of Japanese anime cartoon characters, Hello Kitty, random Americana like the Blues Brothers or Sesame Street Characters. They are called cell phone charms or straps. And they are all the rage.

Why? We have no idea. Here is an article that mentions the phenomenon and has some ideas.

While we are still not sold enough on these to attach giant bangles or plush dolls to our cellphones, we recently started to think that some of these charms are pretty kawaii.

So Mike bought the ones pictured here (about 400 Yen a pop) for Jacob and Lauren's backpacks. Jacob has a Torakichi, aka a "Crazy Hanshin Tigers Fan" and Lauren has a pink swaddled baby to add to her previous collection of Hello Kitty, a Bear, and a Bird.


jackaw said...

Well, I finally caught up. What with bemoaning the Mets and Yankees and trying to get out for golf, life is hard!
Joyce was right on two fronts: Shirley Hazard's The Great Fire is an excellent and worthwhile book. (Not for moral perspective or great insights, but because it deals with love rather beautifully. Secondly, she is a tough lady, but when we first established ground rules one I insisted on and which she has faithfully adhered to is "with snacks"! So whenever Joyce is around, snacks are too.
You continue to impress. The activities and sights continue to be splendiferous. Do you all treat your stay as an extended vacation or has it assumed some of the patina of a real life? It's all so hard to imagine that I keep shaking my head.
Anyway, much love to all. You, your blog, your lives are an inspiration to the rest of us all.

The Stover Family said...

These charms are big here in Dubai also...many are real gems (of course) and like you said...way too big to be practical! But, they are certainly beautiful. There are also the little cutesy ones too. Most of them look like key chains! Hope you guys are doing well! P.S. Considering a trip to the Philippines or Malaysia this fall...

Lee said...

These charms are funny. Who would have ever known?

Lisa said...

i'm reading...just letting you know!