May 21, 2008

The Daily Trip To School

Every weekday at 8 AM, we grab our bikes (or occasionally scooters) and ride them down the street to Canadian Academy. Mike joins (on foot) a few times a week. There is also a nearby Japanese school, and, since most young Japanese kids take themselves to school, there are groups of three volunteer "crossing-guards" posted at every corner. Jacob and Lauren (and Ilena and Mike) exchange a hearty ohayo gozaimasu to the group posted on the closest corner every morning. It's the same three ladies every morning. Mainly, they just chat amongst themselves and say good morning to every passerby.

And yes, we know that in 90% of the pictures our kids are wearing helmets. It can't be helped. We think they should wear the helmets just about all the time. It's just safer that way. :)

Jacob's questions - ranging from the incredibly complicated to the outright humorous - continue. Yesterday before bedtime, while looking at his window at the lit covered tennis courts a few blocks down the road, he said to Mike: "Dad. There is something I don't get about Japan. Why do people play tennis at night here?" Of all the things not to get about Japan, that one took us by surprise!

We are mostly keeping up with all the news in the U.S. Oil is insanely expensive. The economy stinks. Saturday Night Live, particularly their recent spoof of The Office (Japan Version), is still occasionally very funny. The Yankees stink. The Knicks didn't hit the lottery. Obama is moving steadily towards the democratic nomination, and the conversation is shifting from Obama vs. Hillary to Obama vs. McCain. Thank God for the internet, which is where we get most of our daily news. Otherwise, we would have to rely on these guys over at "BS News" for the political analysis:

The katakana in the picture says Obama vs. McCain. (By the way, the "BS" in "BS News" stands for "Broadcast Satellite.")

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The Stover Family said...

Funny...we both blogged about transportation today. I only wish and dream that we could ride bikes to school. We would be killed in the first 15 minutes! Well, maybe not. But we might die of heat exposure. Ha ha!