May 12, 2008

Japanese Animal Crackers

So...we recently discovered that Japanese Animal Crackers include WAY more varieties of animals than their counterparts back in the U.S. We're talking wild boars, tapirs (yes, tapirs!), porcupines, rhinos, etc.

Not one of the most oft-pointed out differences between Japan and the U.S., but there you have it. (Oh, and here is another - Green Tea Kit Kat!)

And yes, that's all we've got for today.

(Who do you think we are, Charles Dickens?)


The Stover Family said...

Geez Louise...I don't read your blog for a week and it's like I'm opening up a Charles Dickens novel. Oh wait...did I just say that? I'm freaking exhausted just from reading about your bbqs. You know...I don't think we'll be going to a bbq here in Dubai until November. Not a joke...too hot man. Tooooooooo hot. We're off to Athens tomorrow...can't wait! Love the umbrella dancing by the way...definitely one of those life skills to have. Definitely!!

The Stover Family said...

P.S. Tapir was actually one of our buzz words in the house today...believe it or not. Kaleigh checked out a book from the library at school and it had several pics of a tapir in it...what a freaky looking little a small boar/elephant-pig. Ha ha!