May 25, 2008

Speaking of Mascots...Weekend Goings On

Speaking of Japanese Mascots, over the weekend on Rokko Island, there were a couple of Festivals. One was a green environmental-type event (food, music, speeches, hats made out of recycled newspaper). Another, right next to it, was a car event sponsored by BMW (lots of cool cats, a bouncey castle, some car simulation games). Not sure where this mascot was from, but the Panda and Lauren became fast friends:

And here are some pictures of the kids near some of the sportier Beamers that were on display:

It was kind of funny to have the car festival plopped right next door to the save-the-planet fest, all in the same day. But festivals are always fun!

As for the rest of the weekend, among the highlights was a family baseball game (ages 3-adult) that was organized by Jacob's kindergarten teacher. Batting order was in height order and all adults had to hit lefty. It was a good time (and perhaps the start of a Saturday morning weekend tradition), until it was called on account of a steadily increasing rain.

On Saturday night, we got a babysitter, and went out for dinner and drinks. We lucked into a superlative Chinese Restaurant in the Kobe MINT building, which adjoins Sannomiya Station. It was called Lee's Garden, and as explained by the English-speaking and very friendly Mr. Lee (who had spent time as a Chef in Taiwan and California), offered a great set course. All of the food was superb, but the absolute highlight was the Sesame Balls served for dessert. Simply one of the most delicious things we had since arriving in Japan.

We finished the night off at our favorite local bar on Rokko Island - Mars Venus Shot Bar (previously blogged about here). The live rock/folk music this weekend was the Japanese proprieter on acoustic guitar and his friend on electric guitar, rocking out to tunes like Country Road, Wonderful Tonight, Your Song, and several Beatles hits. Always a good time!


Lisa said...

Sounds like a great and yummy weekend!
I'm in NJ and arrived around 11pm got home around midnight and am still up at 4am but am fading fast. love you all!!

AbeK said...

Not as fast as I faded@