May 30, 2008

OK - Last Post on Mascots (Promise)

So...Mike is completely addicted to the Japanese Mascots Blog (which we blogged about and linked to last week). Check it out! They add a new mascot every day, complete with a little write-up. As previously noted, there are certainly lots to choose from!

Here is Sunchakkal, the mascot from one of the Japanese Universities. We're pretty sure that the Penn Quaker would dominate that bird any day.

Some more recent fun ones (courtesy of the above site), including Akabi and Hoopy:


jmgesq said...

Do you think you can set up a mascot for my firm? NO! It CANNOT be a picture of one of my clients!

Mike said...


Check out these mascots that are categorized under the "Courts" category:

Maybe one of these will give some inspiration!