November 8, 2008

Appreciating The Humble Snack - Onigiri

It is hard to believe that we have been blogging all this time, and haven't taken the time to introduce you to one of our favorite Japanese snacks: Onigiri (aka rice balls shaped into triangles or ovals, wrapped in nori (seaweed) and stuffed with a smidge of some veggie or fish or meat).

You can get these little bad boys in any konbini. Priced from 100 to 130 yen, they are the absolute perfect on-the-go snack. The crispness of the seaweed paper and the firmness of the rice is a perfect contrast. And they are just the right size to fill you up for a bit.

Although we have tried some -ahem- "interesting" fillings due to being kanji-impaired (sometimes the packaging only has kanji; this one at left is hirigana, so we can read it - it says negitoro (fatty tuna with onions/scallions), we are fans of most onigiri that we've tried.


Lisa said...

i could live off of this...i have to go to matzsuwa now...thanks for making me crave it!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Seeing how I loathe any type of fish this will be an interesting 3 years. Maybe you can tell me what the veggie and meat ones look like so I can try these.