November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving - Nihon!

Sunday was the day we designated to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. (Thursday was a work and school day here, and Sunday seemed much more convenient). We hosted a couple of other families at our apartment, threw the old pigskin around, and ordered in the "Turkey Set," which turned out to include quite the delicious Turkey and trimmings. Mike had to go old school without the electric carver, but it all worked out nicely.

It was fun to throw around the football for an hour before heading in for dinner and drinks.

It was of course, a very "different" Thanksgiving . . . in some ways. We had great friends to share it with, a tasty Turkey, and there was a fun football toss. We also had Ilena's signature yam casserole (with the melted mini-marshmallows on top). And our little apartment had that great Thanksgiving smell. But of course we missed our family. And the process of actually cooking said Turkey. And of sitting on the couch and watching entirely too much football.

After apple pie, we even threw in one last birthday celebration into the mix, running the weekly tally to FOUR! The seventh birthday is now officially over. And Ilena can take a break from churning out cupcakes like there is no tomorrow.


jmgesq said...

Ok, I give up. How do you bake cupcakes without an oven?

jmgesq said...

BTW, the Japanese couple who were at Thanksgiving dinner with us at your folks admitted to never having tasted Turkey. I, of course, explained that when in doubt you can always say anything tastes like chicken!

Mike said...

Although we have no normal sized oven, we do have a small microwave/toaster/convection oven; so we make small batches of cupcakes.

jmgesq said...

Small batches of tiny cupcakes??

Gabriel said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

We miss you guys!!

That turkey dinner looked pretty impressive, considering :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Looks like you guys had a great day. I didn't realize that you guys had no oven. Are you in a traditional Japanese apartment?

I just can't imagine not having football to watch on TV at the house. This may be an interesting 3 years.

Speaking of football, my husband found a bar that will be having the Super Bowl live! I guess that would make it 10am on a Monday?

Mike said...

Other longer-term gaijin have more western style apartments. But ours is Japanese style.

The wonders of iTunes, Apple TV, Slingbox, and the internet can keep you pretty well connected to favorite shows etc.

Last year, the Superbowl was on live on cable here. Yes, at 10 AM Monday morning. Since the Giants were in it and WON, I went in quite late to work that day. But no one had any idea there was even a game!