November 30, 2008

Bowling Birthday Party - Jacob's 7th

We are pleased and somewhat shocked to report that we have been able to extend our tradition of bowling birthday parties for Jacob to a third straight year. This year, we hosted 20+ kids and a bunch of parents at Rokko Bowl in Rokkomichi. Despite the somewhat risque bowling poster, it was a great family friendly atmosphere. Do you "Love Bowling"? We do.

It was your standard (somewhat) contained chaos. Five lanes of bowling, followed by food and games. In addition to Simon Says, Musical Chairs, and Freeze Dance, we successfully introduced the Bar Mitzvah staple Coke & Pepsi game to Japan. All in all, another success!

One downside of living in Japan is trying to assemble complicated children's toys with Japanese only instructions. Luckily, Ilena is a wiz. Sort of. (This one took less than two hours!)

Here is Jacob in his new (birthday present) soccer outfit with his new soccer ball. (No assembly required!). He wrote his name in English and katakana on it, and the words "I love soccer."


jmgesq said...

Wow! Those instructions (???) are really a challenge. I love the expression on your face Ilena!

BTW I didn't see any bumpers in those alleys. Did the kids manage without them?? I know I wouldn't be able to.

Mike said...

Oh, there were bumpers. No problem.

jackaw said...

I'm really concerned that no one learns the basic Japanese required to put together a simple toy. After all, how difficult could it be....

An engineer?
A lawyer?
A pediatric nurse?
A linguist?
or two?

Rhetorical! No response please!!

Wenni Donna said...

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