April 16, 2009

Food and Fun Fair at CA

So...last weekend was the 2009 Food and Fun Fair at Canadian Academy. This is a great event that celebrates the diversity of the international community here, with great food and performances.

Being an active part of the kids' school community has been one of the best experiences of our year in Japan. Ilena and a friend of her's were co-organizers of this PTA fundraiser event.

(She won't toot her own horn, so I (Mike) will: They busted their butts, and did an absolutely phenomenal job. And their hard work paid off. It ran smoothly and was lots of fun.)

The FFF kicked off with the parade of nations . . . . Lauren was a very smiley USA sign-bearer for the USA contingent.

There were food booths from the USA (hot dogs, hamburgers, candies...thanks to Costco!), Canada (featuring poutine, aka cheesy gravy fries), Korea (kimchi, BBQ meats), Taiwan (bubble tea!), Philippines (meats and sweets), India (naan, curry), Japan, China, Thailand, and Switzerland. Ah food. We love you so!

Entertainment throughout the day included two dance performances that Lauren participated in (one with her ballet class and one with her school class), and a great taiko drumming finale.

Now that it is all over, Ilena has no idea what to do with all of her (reclaimed) spare time. But she should manage OK . . .

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