April 15, 2009

Passover Seder

Have no fear -- it isn't all Creme Eggs and Peeps out here. We remain in touch with our roots!

Although we were late, as had become our tradition with all of the Jewish holidays, we did celebrate the Passover Holiday with the one other Jewish family that we know out here. We made Matzah Meal Pancakes, Charoset, and had a great Seder on Sunday at their house.


haseemscamel said...

Did you know that the Emporer let the Jews have safe haven in Kobe during WWII?

jmgesq said...

Chiune Sugihara signed thousands of visas for Jews fleeing the Nazi's. It is quite an amazing story.

Happy (belated) Passover...I really like your shankbone. ;-)

jmgesq said...

Just took a second look at your seder plate. I recognize the apple charoses....but what's in the other bowl??

The Kasdan Family said...

That is a date charoses that our friends made. Really good!

Eli Ha-Levi said...

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