April 3, 2009

Hanami at Oji Zoo

On Friday evening we joined a bunch of gaijin friends to see the cherry blossoms at Oji Zoo. With Jacob on his overnight, we were a family of three.

Oji Zoo has tons of sakura (cherry blossom trees) and they are fully blooming now. During this time, they open the zoo late, backlight all the trees, and let people browse though. Quite beautiful.

We did it in style. Ilena actually bought one of those plastic tarps that are so popular around here for laying out under the trees to picnic upon for hanami. We had food and drink, and had a great time hanging out.

Last, but not least, we leave you with our favorite classic picture during hanami time. The very "Japan" picture of people taking pictures of the sakura with their camera phones (there was a lot of this going on!)


Semsavblanc said...

Wish we were there!

jmgesq said...

So beautiful. Talk about taking time out to smell the roses....well, the cherry blossoms!