April 6, 2009

Jacob Returns - A Succesful Soccer Trip

Jacob was all smiles after his overnight trip with his Japanese soccer club. He said he made lots of friends, and told us all about his weekend away. We're so proud of him!

As for the games, he told us that they played 8 games and, of course, they won all by monster scores. (He has a habit of, shall we say, embellishing the on-the-field action and game results. To hear him tell it, he has never lost a game or scored less than 3 goals.).

He was even thoughtful enough to bring us all back little souvenirs - a box of mochi for us, a little back-pack charm for Lauren, and a Samurai sword key-chain for himself!

If any of our readers have any great ideas for gifts that we could get his soccer coaches from the U.S., we are all ears. They are such great guys, and have been such a big part of Jacob's life out here.


jmgesq said...

That is truly fantastic. If I remember my first sleep-away correctly it was when I was a little older than Jacob. I woke up in the middle of the night very upset to be away from my family. I sneaked down to the kitchen and called my mother and told her to pick me up. She did. I think the family I was staying with woke up and had not idea where I had gone to. Is it any wonder the other kids thought I was weird??? I guess things haven't changed much. You think Jack will come get me if I get homesick while I'm in Japan???

YAY for Jacob. Way to go.

I'm thinking on gifts and will let you know what I come up with.

Ilena said...

Thanks Joyce. Why does that story not surprise me in the least :) Jack, we promise to take good care of her and keep tabs on her, even in the middle of the night. Lord knows where she's liable to end up if she starts wandering.

As for the gift ideas, we'd love your thoughts...these guys are really special. It was recommended to me that we get them "beer" coupons, but we were thinking something a little more NY Centric...