July 12, 2008

Back "Home" - Florida Trip and Maplewoodstock

Sticking to the "One World One Blog" concept (um...or something), here is an update on Ilena and the kids' adventures back home, while Mike was in Nagasaki for the weekend (that post coming next).

Ilena, Jacob, and Lauren spent the past week in Florida, visiting Ilena's parents.

They all had a terrific and relaxing time together, and spent plenty of time in the pool. Along the way, Jacob and Lauren became masters at the game of Mexican dominoes.

Here are some shots from down in Florida:

Back up North, the highlight of the weekend was heading back to Maplewood to attend Maplewoodstock.

As has become tradition, StarFish, the uber-talented group that Ilena manages rocked the place, and Ilena and the kids got to visit with so many of their old friends from town, all while shakin' what their momma (and papa) gave 'em!

Ilena, Jacob, and Lauren stayed until the very end, with Jacob and Lauren staying up late playing with friends, and Ilena getting to catch up with people and enjoy the music.

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The Kasdan Family said...

wow daddy, you are quick.
we love you!

jacob and lauren