July 18, 2008

Back Home - Ilena and The Kids All American Adventure Continues...

Ah, the Jersey Shore! Being a Jersey guy, I just love the Jersey Shore. In fact, according to its website, it is "America's Greatest Family Resort." Um. OK. Maybe they were exaggerating a tad, but there is something great about the Jersey Shore. Anyway, it might not have the pristine white sandy beaches of some other places, but its always a great great time. Of course, I didn't get to go this time, but it looks like Ilena, and especially the kids, had a blast down in Ocean City, visiting friends and hitting the beach.

The kids got really into boogie boarding. So into it, in fact, that Jacob reported that he had developed (the dreaded) boogie-board rash.

There is something just so All-American about cheezy mini-Golf courses:
...And Boardwalk Amusement Parks:

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