July 8, 2008

Oh..and Happy Belated July 4th

July 4th didn't really feel like much of holiday here in Japan, since it was an ordinary work day. But I understand that back home there were BBQs, Apple Pie, and parades, and fireworks galore.

I love the unadulterated American-ness of July 4th.

I also understand that, for the second consecutive year, the great Kobayashi was bested in the Annual Nathan's Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest by American Joey Chestnut. Um..."USA! USA! USA!"?

Anyway, in honor of July 4th, here are some classic Americana pictures of Jacob and Lauren from last year's July 4th in Maplewood. I really love these two shots:

Turning back to Japan, I am really looking forward to checking out some of the fireworks (hanabi) here in Osaka at the Tenjin Matsuri Festival later this month. Hanabi literally translates as "flower fire." The kanji for "flower" is 花 (hana), and the kanji for "fire" is 火 (bi). I hear it's really spectacular, and it's very close to where I work.

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Lisa said...

lovely posting and very cute pictures of the kids. miss you lots. Hope you got off that conference call sooner than later. Call me!