July 16, 2008

Nagasaki - Oura Catholic Church, Dejima, Stone Bridges Reprise, Sunday at the Park

My last day in Nagasaki was a take-it-easy kind of day. I grabbed my iPod and a couple of (cherished) English magazines that my Mom had shipped me, and basically revisited a bunch of my favorite nearby places.

I headed back to the Oura Church, and checked it out on the inside, as well as its garden. The relief plaque at the right is pretty unique - Catholic priests and women in kimonos!

I headed back to the Spectacles Bridge, and watched the fishies:
I got my picture taken with the Nagasaki mascot, Saruku-chan, who reminded me a bit of an Animaniac (in that he is tiny and somewhat toony.) Long-time readers are well aware of the Japanese fascination with mascots, as well as my favorite mascot blog.

Here is my favorite nonsensical English language T-shirt of the day - "Night Loves Party. Tragic Love. Have A Good Dream. 1987." Of course...

Before hopping on a bus back to the airport, I spent most of Sunday afternoon near the harbor. There is a nice sculpture garden on the roof of the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, with a nice view of the harbor. Afterwards, it was great to hang out in the waterside park, watching young kids cool down and old kids fly kites:

All in all, Nagasaki was a great time, and definitely a worthwhile and interesting place to spent a few days.

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