August 7, 2008

Days At Home With Limited Mobility

Due to Lauren's injury, we have been taking it slow. While this is just fine with Lauren - she is very mellow, and perfectly happy to do puzzles, read books, and play with her dolls - Jacob is going a little stir-crazy.

. . . . But he has been having some goofy fun with our video camera. This one starts slow, but then Jacob figures out how he can star in a film that he is shooting himself. Total goof-ball.


Lisa said...

ok...who taught him this shake your butt in the camera thing? seems like he's been watching too many music videos.

jmgesq said...

I agree with Lisa...a lot of butt fixation going on there! (but verrrrrry cute!)

The Kasdan Family said...

He doesn't watch music videos, and we didn't teach him any of that. It's innate.