August 28, 2008

Live from OBP! It's YTV Celebration Week

This week at Mike's office building complex, there was a huge week-long celebration celebration of an Osaka-based Japanese television channel, YTV (Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation). The YTV Group owns Japan’s largest network broadcaster, Nippon Television Network Corporation, and affiliate Yomiuri-TV Enterprise Corporation is headquartered in the same building as Panasonic.

To celebrate 50 years in broadcasting, YTV was broadcasting all sorts of zany Japanese variety-shows live all day from Mike's building all week. The place was packed. And it was pretty entertaining actually. Here is the website for the event. (And no, we have no idea what the deal is with the goofy monkey mascots...but they are plastered everywhere.)

In the adjoining building, they had a retrospective display of posters of Japanese television through the years, starting back in the 1960's.

Here are some from the 1960's (my personal favorites):

...The 1970's:

...and Today:

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jackaw said...

I was going to ask for posters from the fifties -- my favorite years for movies! --and then realized what an historic nincompoop I was especially since it was in '54 that I visited Korea and Japan...