August 6, 2008


So, last week Mike got to go out with a small group of people after work for a "Karaoke Party."
(Sorry folks - but this will be a picture-less blog entry, to protect the innocent.)

As our Japanese teacher from the U.S. once said, in a decidedly mock-the-American tone - It's pronounced "KA-RA-OH-KAY" not "CARRY-OKIE." Our Karaoke Party was an awesome time.

We went to a place near Kyobashi Station that had private rooms (the standard Karaoke set-up in Japan). Equipped with a TV screen and our Karaoke remote, a boxy unit that you can use to search for songs in both English and Japanese, we settled into our room, ordered some Chinese food and some drinks, and commenced with the singing.

One of our crew had brought a massive supply of Karaoke "props" that really added to the fun. We are talking paper pianos, mini-guitars, shades, hats, boas, bubbles, flashlights, and a fan to fan fake cherry blossoms during some of the slower ballads. So funny.

Since Mike's hosts were so gracious, and we were there for many hours, he got to be a little bit of a song-hog. As best as he can reconstruct the play-list it included Green Day (Boulevard of Broken Dreams), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Soul to Squeeze), U2 (With or Without You), Clapton (Before You Accuse Me), Paul Simon (50 Ways to Leave Your Lover), Billy Joel (Scenes From An Italian Restaurant), Tom Petty (Runnin' Down a Dream), and, yes that right, The Backstreet Boys (an I Want It That Way duet).

By the others, there were a fair share of Japanese pop, ballad, and punk songs. There was Beatles, ABBA, and a soulful rendition of Unchained Melody. There was a whole lot of fellow New Jerseyite (!) Bon Jovi. One of the opening songs was a rockin' You Give Love A Bad Name. And of course, the ever popular Romanian Numa Numa Noma Iay Song. (It was funny seeing the katakana on the screen for that one, unlike the posted link that has English.)

Ah Karaoke. Highly recommended.

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