August 25, 2008

What's For Dinner? Preparing Squid

We try to keep it pretty varied for dinners here in Japan. Certainly there is lots of great inexpensive fish - sawara (AKA Spanish Mackerel) is our favorite. Ilena makes a mean miso soup from scratch. And our rice cooker is very well used.

With the foreign buyers markets around here, we can also go international. For example, although its a bit more expensive than back home to put it together, we had a quesadilla night a few days ago.

And then there are your total experimental food nights. Some food items are a mystery. And some are just more exotic than what we are used to. For example, Mike bought a whole fresh squid the other night. Less than 200 Yen (~$2) at the supermarket. He consulted the internet to figure out how to prepare it and followed these simple instructions. Sauteed it up with garlic and lemon juice, and it turned out quite nicely!


Pat Carrothers said...

Well, I was with you until the "remove ears" part. Ears????


Mike said...

Yeah - I had the same issue. I think it should say "remove those things that look like ears." The toughest part for me was the "peel skin" - it was a lot harder than it looked in the picture.

Lisa said...

looked pretty "adventurous" of you...will be you be a master calamari maker by the time I get there??