August 17, 2008

Lauren - Back In Action!

Our thanks to everyone who called or wrote about Lauren after her biking injury. Thankfully, she is fully recovered. Incredibly, her ankle is fully back to normal, and even the deepest wounds are healing beautifully. Last weekend, before we left for our Lake Biwa trip she hopped out of the stroller and took her first steps, and she has steadily improved since then. She is now walking, jumping, running, dancing, and biking again!

Here is some insanely cute footage from this week's ballet class as proof! (Warning: Grandparents' Special . . . .):


Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

So glad to hear that Lauren's foot is better! And I love the ballet footage - we just signed Maddie up for her first classes, which will be a mix of ballet and tap. I had so much fun getting all of the stuff she'll need - I cannot wait to see her in action!

Lisa said...

sooo cute...can't wait to listen with speakerS!!!