October 2, 2008

Ashiya Beach - Day Trip

On Thursday, the kids were off from school for teacher conferences. Unfortunately, Mike had to work. But Ilena and the kids, along with some friends, took a great day trip to Ashiya Beach, a lovely man-made beach and adjoining park down by the water in Ashiya. (This was the same place that Mike had biked to over the summer and enjoyed the Ashiya Summer Carnival. It's a really nice little spot.)

As you can see, there was a good amount of frolicking on the beach. And everyone came back sun-burnt and (good) tired!


Lisa said...

was this a last minute beach trip? or did lauren want to be like one of the guys? :)

Mike said...

No bathing suits were brought, because they were thinking more playground than beach. No sunblock either. Ilena had severe mommying lapses that day. But it worked out ok!