October 4, 2008

Celebrating The New Year Out Here

Being abroad and not in a large Jewish community (read: we know exactly one other Jewish family here!), we have taken an alternative angle in our celebrations of the holidays. In similar style to our Passover Seder (picnic), we got together with said other Jewish family for a (slightly late, but we wanted to wait for a weekend) Rosh Hashanah picnic.

We all went on a bike ride together and then met at a nearby park/playground with the soccer ball, baseball equipment, football, and frisbee.

We had baked an Apple Honey Cake, they had baked a round Challah. We sang some songs, dipped some Fuji apples in the honey, and shared a nice meal together. A bit unorthodox (pun intended), but it was a really special celebration and one we will all remember.


jmgesq said...

Beautiful challah! I didn't get a whiff of the honey cake tho. Pretty big apples - I was impressed. A nice way to celebrate the New Year. Shanah Tova to all. G'mar chatima tova.

Alexis Jacobs said...

I am glad you have found someone else to share these special days with. The size of the apples just amaze me.