October 16, 2008

Lower Brow Dining

Lest you think that we only frequent amazing Japanese restaurants, do not forget that we are parents of two little ones.

Jacob and Lauren's favorite restaurant in Japan is Saizeriya. There is one on Rokko Island, and we went there tonight. Saizeriya, whose logo shares the green/red/white Krispy Kreme color scheme, is a cheap Denny's-like chain restaurant serving very inexpensive pasta and pizza dishes. Oh, and they also have escargot. (Random!) And pictures of the Italian riviera on the walls. Anyway, the kids love it because of the free refills drink bar and the corn soup.

The best part of tonight's dinner was that Jacob ordered his and Lauren's meal in Japanese! We are extremely jealous of his accent and pronunciation.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

he really does have the best accent!