October 28, 2008

Fall Break - Rokko San Pasture, Spa World

With the kids on fall break this week, Ilena, Jacob, and Lauren have been up to some fun things. On Monday, they went with some friends up to Mount Rokko. Tuesday was an all-day jaunt to the terrific Spa World. (No pictures of that one, though.)

As for Mount Rokko, the last time we were all up there, we went to the obstacle course at Rokko San Field and Athletics. This time, Ilena and the kids had time to hit the obstacle course (it was totally empty, since it was a weekday and the Japanese schools are in session) and also to check out Rokko San Pasture, a little slice of Ireland, right here in Kobe, Japan.
Beautiful blue skies, sheep pretty much everywhere...It was so picturesque and peaceful; it really didn't feel like we were in Japan.

The kids got to feed the goats and frolic around, and a good time was had by all! (Ilena even managed to read "Holstein Cow" in katakana - woo hoo!)


jmgesq said...

What a beautiful spot! Veddy British.
I know your trip is soon. Of course, sitting in my office I realized the timing was good for me to call you NOW! but of course you've left :-( We will definitely catch up when you are back in Japan.

I'm off to Florida for a few days. Mostly business.

Till next week then. Lots of love.

Lisa said...

What a cool find! Hope Korea is great!