October 19, 2008

Rabbits On The Moon Making Mochi?

The other night, we were gazing at a full moon, and Lauren told us she could see the rabbits on the moon making mochi.


Apparently, the tale of the rabbit making mochi on the moon is a popular Japanese folk-tale, akin to tales about man on the moon or the moon being made of cheese. Who knew?


jackaw said...

Is your life in Japan more interesting than your life in the U.S. or does it just seem so? Clearly the things you do and the places you go are 'different' in environment if not in kind. You ride bikes here, too, but you go to places that are probably more familiar. Is that what it is? Having Jacob order in Japanese is clearly a big deal -- like having Joyce speak to a maitre' d in French -- but Jacob is not quite the linguist that Joyce is. It all is very impressive. Sorry if I keep repeating myself, but you guys are the best!

Mike said...

Good question! It is hard to tell the difference between life being more interesting and it just seeming so. So many things are new - new places, new friends, new foods, so in that sense, it IS more interesting. But I think writing, reflecting, and sharing about experiences also can make things seem more interesting, no matter where you are...We love you too!