January 22, 2009

The Ex-Pat Costco Run

As we may have written before, Rokko Island, where we live is a pretty ex-pat friendly place. There are several stores on the island, like FBC and Price Club (as well as nearby Kitano institution Kobe Grocers), that cater to foreigners. There (at jacked up prices) you can get the food items, book, magazines, etc. that you just can't live without. Those little tastes of home that you sometimes crave. (Of late, they have even renovated the Gourmet City, the nearby Japanese grocery store, which now offers many more international items.)

But the daddy of 'em all is the all-American Costco (in Amagasaki). We have actually only been a few times. We don't have the car you really need to go there. And we rarely feel the need. But what's funny is that there is a definite list of Costco "staple" items that always seem to be on our list when we do go. (And by "we," we mean Ilena; Mike has never gotten to go. Going on weekends is suicidal.)

Anyway, these are the kinds of things that usually make our list - the things we really miss that we can't resist at CostCo: a Costco Pizza (of course!), giant bag of Frozen strawberries, giant carton of red grapes, maple syrup, Craisins, Oatmeal, Cereal, Bisquick, and Costco giant salads. Kind of a funny list. But there you go. Ever wonder what would be on your own list?


Alexis Jacobs said...

I'm heading to Costco today! I am just excited to stock up on meat and get sour cream :)

Mike said...

Random timing for that post, huh!