January 23, 2009

Old West Randomness

Lately we have been realizing (having now lived in Japan for over a year) that a lot of the funny, quirky things that were so strikingly different to us when we first moved here have simply become an accepted part of everyday life.

Guess that is a natural thing that happens, as you acclimate. (Oh don't worry though! Of course there are many things that will always be strange and odd and funny. So have no fear.)

One of the things that will always strike me as funny is this unusual little store right here on Rokko Island called The Old Santa Fe Trail. Funny enough, it was one of the first stores I ever visited in Japan, when I was here checking out Rokko Island and Canadian Academy the July before we moved. What a totally random place. I have never seen any customer go in or even near this store. And the hodge-podge of outdoorsy and cowboy western type stuff is simply bizarre. I was reminded off this store when I passed by a similar very-out-of-place store selling cowboy western goods near work, a funny western shop, if you will. Aptly named too:

(Only later did I find out that "Funny" is actually a famous brand of Western accessories!)

I also always love the classic "Every Life Every Fun" slogan of another convenience store in the same building. So uplifting!


Lisa said...

can you pick me up a cow bell and some chaps please?

Mike said...

Yeah - I don't know what we were thinking when we bought you those Geisha Slippers. Chaps would be way more Japanese.