January 31, 2009

Kids Update

Time for a little catch-up time on Jacob and Lauren.

We really enjoyed Jacob's First Grade Concert at Canadian Academy. It was adorable, with all of the kids dressed in their international garb, and truly multi-cultural with songs in English, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Here is a clip from the finale:

We recently completed our first family-reading chapter book, Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We read it together in the mornings and evenings, and worked to do a short chapter-by-chapter summary of it too. Everyone enjoyed it immensely, and we celebrated by having a chocolate party, including a Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar, that we shared while watching the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. (Unfortunately, we couldn't get our hands on the original, so we had to settle for the more recent re-make.)

Jacob is extremely close to losing his first tooth, and looks to have several others on the way out too.

Lauren is working on riding without training wheels, but her giggling with joy is getting in the way! We continue to work on it! She continues to create incredible unique works of art and to enjoy ballet and science club, and is really into kites lately.

We leave this post, with another video of the kids' waiting-for-the-train dance. Enjoy:


jmgesq said...

Ok, I've got to know...does the train come faster that way???

Reading together is great. And the movie is wonderful. I was a big fan of the Johnny Depp version until David's raving forced me to get the original from Netflix. It really IS better! I will hunt for it.

I can't believe how much Jacob has grown since I saw him just a month ago. He looks like he's busting out of those overalls!

Well...back to the Superbowl.

Love to all of you from Jack and me.

Mike said...

You can try it when you are here, and then make the call!

Brian Matteson said...

The kids have gotten so big! I can't wait to see them again when y'all are back home. Until then, have fun!